Musical Directors

Pam Ringo - Director

Pam Ringo became the Musical Director of Coastal Voices in June of 2019. Prior to Pam’s moving to Fort Myers, FL in early 2019, She had formerly lived in Louisville, KY, and was Musical Director of Bluegrass Harmony since the fall of 2015. An active Sweet Adeline since 2002 and Harmony Inc. member since 2018, Pam brings an array of experience and an overabundance of enthusiasm and energy to her role.

Majoring in Vocal Performance in college set Pam on the right track to excel directing a barbershop chorus. She has directed other choruses, is a familiar face in quartets, and is an avid barbershop coach and supporter. She is a self-proclaimed “barbershop junkie” as she cannot get enough of it. In addition to directing, she attends any educational event she can, soaking in the knowledge, and also makes learning tracks and designs websites for other barbershop choruses and quartets.

During the day, she provides Legal Administration for Musial Law Firm, LLC and works as a Closing Agent for Musial Title, LLC. After work, she homeschools her youngest. And in her "spare time", Pam has two older children that both attend college in Kentucky, one dog, three cats, one bird, and Angie! Pam is an amazing bundle of unlimited energy and under her leadership, Coastal Voices has formed and chartered as a chorus, continues to grow in numbers, in musical ability, and as a unit. The future of Coastal Voices is bright with Pam leading the way!

Jeanne O'Connor - Assistant Director

In her 60+ years with Harmony, Inc. (she truly was a mere child when she first joined), Jeanne has thrown herself, heart and soul, into every aspect of Harmony. More than the winningest director in the organization, she has won multiple quartet crowns, been a certified Performance Category judge, served on the International Board of Directors – she was the International President 1986-88, 2000-2002, and, 2012-2014 and steadied Harmony’s course for decades with unparalleled leadership skills. She truly has been the face of Harmony.

After 40 years as the Village Vocal Chords’ front line director, Jeanne O’Connor retired and relocated to Naples, FL. She wasted no time jumping right in becoming Assistant Director, Board Member, and now Chapter President. Coastal Voices is truly blessed that Jeanne's journey led her to our little chorus in Florida.  

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